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Affordable Art + Charity

Monday, November 23, 2009 · 3 Comments

Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung of Sub-Studio are the creative force behind Working Proof, a new limited-edition print shop with a humanitarian mission.  Every Tuesday Working Proof releases a print by an emerging artist and donates 15% of proceeds to a charity of the artist’s choice. It’s a great concept but they’ve nailed the execution as well; the artwork is fresh, exciting and diverse! They also include great bios of the artists.

Participating artists have selected the following charities:

  • Doctors Without Borders (Osoo)
  • Kids in Need (Yasmine Surovec & Samantha Hahn)
  • Architecture for Humanity (Justin Richel)
  • Jane Goodall Institute (Gretchen Wagoner)
  • Smile Train (Heather Smith Jones)

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  • 2 Quiero // Apr 2, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Kyle,Thanks so much for the demonstration at Mount Saint Vincent University. It was so guneroes of you to share your time, expertise and printing supplies with us. (I was the professor with the students who did the party/PR piece with the unique antique band block.) I know the students were really energized and enlightened by the experience, as was I.What was the name of the type of press we used the one from the old Sears store?Thanks again and good luck with the rest of your incredible tour!Crystal

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