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Artist of the day: Jennifer Judd-McGee

Thursday, August 27, 2009 · 2 Comments

Jennifer Judd-McGee is a mixed-media artist based in Portland, ME.  According to the Nahcotta gallery, where she is showing in the Enormous Tiny Art Show, “(Judd-McGee’s) coastal Maine surroundings provide much of the inspiration for her work; the rest comes from her love of vintage wallpaper, mid-century design and old embroidery books.”

These mixed-media pieces are interesting in that they are as organic as they are graphic.  Each has a unique set of vibrant forms and patterns- I find them really energizing and yet they feel very simple at the same time.  The way that Jennifer Judd-McGee brings together the different elements of color, shape, pattern and texture is truly remarkable: each work fit seamlessly into our visual repertoire but upon closer look is full of unusual, unsuspecting detail.  They are subtle works that pack a punch!

Jennifer’s Etsy shop

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