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Artist Cheat-Sheet: Kandinsky

April 28th, 2010 · 7 Comments

Perhaps you’ve lamented the fact that your love of Picasso won’t help you in the pursuit of living with art, but with a bit of guidance you can start to develop your taste on current art based on your preferences of “famous” art.

In this series I match major artists of the 19th or 20th century with current independent artists who share the artist’s style, subject, tone, etc. You’ll no longer have the excuse of not knowing any current, affordable artists you like!

Wassily Kandinsky is a Russian painter of the early 20th century who is considered a major pioneer of abstract art. He briefly taught at the Bauhaus School in Germany before permanently moving to France. From the 1920’s on, Kandinsky painted and wrote theory about abstract, geometric art while the formal art world revolved around the then popular genres of Impressionism and Cubism.

If you like Kandinsky’s early semi-abstract work…

…then you should check out the work of artist, Brandi Strickland, of Charlotte, NC.

If you like Kandinsky’s highly-geometric work…

…then check out Bay Area artist, Lena Wolff‘s, serene, geometric work.

If you like Kandinsky’s more abstract work with organic forms…

…then take a look at the work of the Cleveland-based Dana Oldfather

…and the San Francisco-based abstract painter, Jessica Snow.

If Kandinsky’s late-stage, more chaotic work appeals to you…

…then, again, check out Jessica Snow

…and the unusual mixed media pieces of Valerie Anne Molnar.

And lastly, if you like Kandinsky’s hyper-bright, hyper-graphic work…

…then take a look at the work of Brooklyn painter, Beau Chamberlain

…and fellow Brooklynite, Mike Perry.

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