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N.E.E.T. Magazine: Mix + Match

June 13th, 2010 · 2 Comments

This month I had the pleasure of contributing to one of my favorite online publications: N.E.E.T. Magazine. If you’re not yet familiar with N.E.E.T., a magazine celebrating all kinds of grassroots creativity, you should check out their blog and (free) magazine.

In N.E.E.T.’s June issue, I expanded upon Art Hound’s Mix + Match series creating mood boards for a range of interior styles (bohemian, retro, minimalist and eclectic). I had a blast putting these together so a big thanks to editor, Stephanie J!

Check out the feature which starts on page 76.





Mix & Match: Mod / Minimalist

May 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Part minimalist, part mod, part homage to the Jettson’s living room. It’s slick as hell but still a bit charming thanks to the tongue-in-cheek allusions to the space age. Moon boots, anyone?

Dune by Jennifer Hodges. Glitter and acrylic on canvas.

Tokyo Pop Chair, Made In Design; Arc lamp, CB2; icon clock, Unica Home; Apollo tabletop fireplace, Unica Home.

Mix & Match: Black & Pink Diamond Rug + Art

May 11th, 2010 · 6 Comments

The other day I spotted and am now coveting this flat-weave Diamond Jungle Dhurrie on Anthropologie. I’m a sucker for triangles and geometric shapes and love pink and black combinations.

I love how unabashedly graphic this rug is in a way that really parallels a lot of current art and illustration, especially that of recent art school grads. In my opinion the rug screams out to be paired with art that mirrors its strong visual elements such as the pieces below. The main overlapping visual themes are triangles, repetition, abstraction and the black, pink and yellow palette.

1. Untitled by Meghan Brady

2. Cat by Marcus Oakley

3. Mercy Car by Esther Ramirez

4. Untitled from Lost In The Discovery by Mike Perry

5. CLK by Christine Kesler

6. Middle Stripe by Cat Lauigan

7. Mountains by Hanna Konola

Mix & Match: Art + Furnishings!

May 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

The Mix & Match series pairs art with furnishings. There are a million ways to mix and match art and furniture, and hopefully this will help get you thinking creatively about art in your home!

Why this combo?

This combo features art by New York abstract painter and Art Hound favorite, Julie Evans. Julie’s work is influenced by the tradition of miniature painting which you see in her work’s exquisite details and decorative elements. The overall feel of the painting I selected is organic and kind of zen. Many of the colors and shapes are rooted in nature, which is picked up the design of the rug and the moss-colored couch. I purposely selected understated furnishings with clean, modern lines so that the focus is on Julie’s work and everything else is complementary. The yellow lamp picks up the vibrant palette of the painting and brings more continuity to the space. This is pretty much my dream living room!

Rug: CB2

Couch: Design within reach

Side table: Blu Dot

Lamp: Pablo via 2modern

Pillows: West Elm

New Feature! Mix & Match: Art + Furnishings

April 25th, 2010 · 2 Comments

I’m really excited to launch this new series, Mix & Match! Instead of focusing solely on art, it focus on matching art and furnishings. Decorating and buying art are both very personal endeavors, so the point here is to provide examples and discuss some ways for pairing art and furnishings. Hopefully you will find it inspiring but also feel free to be creative and use your own sense of style to mix and match on your own!

Why this combo?

I selected Elderly (2009) by Icelandic artist, Heimir Bjorgulfsson to balance the more polished elements of this room. At it’s best, art brings energy into a room and adds an element of complexity. The hardest part of decorating with art is finding the right balance between synchronicity and complexity. The last thing you want is a room that still feels flat even after adding art. And on the flip side, when art is totally out of place, it upsets the whole room and calls attention to the lack to coherence.

Achieving the right level of “pop”:

Bjorgulfsson’s painting matches the room’s warm color palette, while the hot pink is really unexpected and commands your attention. The painting, which is chaotic, loose and surreal, may not be an obvious choice for this mix of modern organic and glamorous furnishings. But when you take into account the recurrent theme of geometric shapes, Bjorgulfsson’s painting, with its highly graphic elements, makes sense in the space.

Rug: Madeline Weinrib N/A

Chair: West Elm $599

Chandelier: Patrick Townsend $450

Sideboard: CB2 $399

Coffee Table: CB2 $299

Bowl: Patricia Urquoila $83