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Artist Crush: Melissa Manfull

October 12th, 2010 · 4 Comments

These drawings/watercolors by LA-based Melissa Manfull are an unusual and mind-bending amalgam of precise, detailed architecture and hallucinogenic abstraction. The expansive pools of paint are one of the more interesting uses of watercolor I’ve seen. Manfull has a solo show, Pattern Constraints, at Taylor DeCordoba through October 23rd.

“Seeking inspiration from metaphysics and mysticism, Melissa Manfull creates hyper-detailed structures that straddle the worlds of reality and imagination… Due to the obsessive nature of her process, Manfull has often viewed the meditative act of drawing as a way to approach her fear of vast, open ended space (the unknown)…

Her musings on space are echoed by architecture theorist, Christian Norberg-Schulz, who discussed how buildings are an intermediary between sky and earth. This idea spoke to the artist’s interest in architecture as a means to fill a void (empty space)…” – Taylor DeCordoba