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Artist Crush: Mami Yamanaka

March 7th, 2011 · 6 Comments

Check out these knock-out gouache paintings by Japan-born, Melbourne- based artist, Mami Yamanaka. The painstakingly detailed work has a meditative effect in part because of the familiarity of Yamanaka’s patterns which remind us of growth patterns found in nature. There is a fundamental truth and beauty in these patterns, but there’s also the unmistakable sign of the human hand. After all, these are not fractals but the stuff of Yamanaka’s imagination.

I have always drawn patterns….they have changed over the years by reflecting my own life experience. I have always been interested in a possible connection between my pattern and the shapes of nature. Since migrating to Australia, my patterns have started combining memories of both the Japanese and Australian environments that I have experienced. I am exploring the connection between my patterns and particular environments and their memories. – Mami Yamanaka

Yamanaka is represented by Flinders Lane Gallery which is the source of these images.