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Collector Interview: Catherine of Little Glowing Lights

April 21st, 2010 · 3 Comments

A few weeks back I posted about Catherine’s art, and now we are super lucky to hear from Catherine herself about her lovely, thoughtful art collection. Catherine lives in Australia and is behind the blog, Little Glowing Lights. To see more of Catherine’s charming apartment, check out her visit on Nestled In.
Catherine of Little Glowing Lights
When did you start your art collection and what inspired you to do so?

I’ve always loved art, I even studied art appreciation at school, and it seemed natural for me to start collecting as soon as I could. A few years ago, I discovered etsy/ online sellers and blogs and the two seemed to go hand in hand with affordable art. A lot of the bloggers I loved featured pieces that were suddenly obtainable for me.

Do you have a favorite piece and if so, why is it your favorite?

I love all of my pieces for different reasons, often I buy a piece to mark an occasion and most of them are colourful and simple pieces. I really love my Wayne Pate Rising of the Setting Sun print (below left) because it is so strong and recently I purchased a painting from local artist, Junko Go, (above left) which I am so happy with, I love the way she does such interesting little drawings in charcoal over the paint.

Is there any art you’re currently lusting over?

I had been lusting for quite a long time for a Junko Go painting, so that was pretty exciting to finally own one for myself. I also admire the work of Marise Maas (below) which I stumbled across in a magazine a few years ago, it’s beautiful.

What are some of your favorite resources for affordable art?

I think etsy has been the site I most frequently order from but I also love little paper planes, bakers dozen, studio violet, good shape design, the shiny squirrel and artists webstores.

Do you have any tips for finding great art on etsy?
When I look for art on etsy, if I can, I often look at the favourites of sellers whose work I already love. I’ve found this to be a great way of stumbling onto new stores without going through big searches.

Any other advice on collecting art you’d like to share with readers?

Look to see if there are any art purchase schemes available locally. In my home state of Tasmania we are very lucky to have a government scheme that provides interest free loans to purchase work from Tasmanian artists. This is a great way of collecting local work and pieces that might generally be a little out of a price range. My other piece of advice is buy what you like!

Many thanks, Catherine!

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