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Artist Crush: Leah Tacha

April 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Vibrant, raw mixed-media from Brooklyn artist Leah Tacha’s series The A Team. I love how Tacha shows motion through eye-popping graphics and discordant layers of diverse media. The artist is the co-founder homestead gallery – a nomadic artist run gallery based in the five boroughs of NYC.

I was raised by a mother who was obsessed with color, glitter, and the shine of success, and a father who was inherently practical, hardworking, had a pointed sense of humor, and never missed a Kansas basketball game. The soundtrack to my morning breakfast was the ESPN theme song coinciding with my mother’s blaring Broadway Musicals…

I have always had an interest in these two polar opposites of fame… the images that they create, their confidence in their steps, and people’s belief in their powers. I am drawn to create sculptures and drawings that over exaggerate all of these conditions: ridiculousness, alienation, athleticism, adoration, plasticity, and mysticism.