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Artist Crush: Keren Kroul

June 8th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Keren Kroul showed in last summer’s A New Breed of Watercolors at Soo Visual Art Center with Betsy Walton, Serena Cole and others. Kroul’s work is vibrant and visually-ripe but fairly open to interpretation – a nice combination.

Kroul’s dream-like narratives are reminiscent of Betsy Walton’s work although while Walton’s narratives are grounded in the natural world, Kroul’s float in the transient space of the mental landscape. As the artist explains in her personal statement, “Memories and dreams flow forward and backward, turn over and over, are deconstructed, abstracted, reconstructed.”

Nevertheless, certain material landmarks (houses, flowers, clouds) appear in Kroul’s work, rooting these scenes in a loose context of identity, memory and mortality.