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Jason Vivona: Eternal Beauty Rest

November 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Acid Mountain Birthing

Jason Vivona is an artist/ designer whose work is avant-guarde yet affordable- a rare combination! His colors are incredible as is his work’s underlying tension between soft beauty and repulsiveness. The drawings and paintings shown here are all from his latest show, Eternal Beauty Rest, at Gallery Six in San Francisco. All are available and priced under $150.

Aside from drawing and painting, Jason is also the Art Director for We ride at night, an innovative art/skateboard company. His work has also been published in Juxtapoz, a publication at the forefront of low-brow/ underground art.

About Jason’s work, Gallery six states that it “presents a combination of abstract expressionism, skate-punk culture, and design.” The reference to abstract expressionism took me by surprise, but it seems to refer more to Vivona’s process than to specific aesthetic qualities of his work.

At a distance, Jason’s work appears soft and vaguely cute (smiley faces! neon pink!) but up close it reveals a darker intricacy. Up close the colorful forms are actually teeming with bizarre narratives that include the juxtaposition of naked figures, robots, basketballs, stars, phallic symbols, eyes, wings and intestines. His work has a grotesque, distinctly surrealist quality, as if we are viewing the recreations of his graphic dreams. Vivona uses an unusual combination of materials to create his distinct look including latex, aerosol, gouache, ink, tea and wine.