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Julie Evans: Mylar Constructions

November 1st, 2012 · 3 Comments

NYC artist Julie Evans is exhibiting new work this November at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY. These works are from the series Mylar Constructions and are composed of water-based media on mylar (a type of plastic sheeting) on paper. I’m a big fan of Julie’s work which I’d describe as terribly exquisite and sophisticated but always firmly rooted in the organic world. Nevertheless I find myself gravitating towards the pieces in the series that are less intricate and more subtle.







Julie Evans And The Transformation Of A Painting

November 9th, 2010 · 2 Comments

As a non-artist, I am fascinated by the process of creation. How it happens… how long it takes…how hard it is… how much is planned and how much is spontaneous. As a result I go crazy when artists reveal a bit of the behind the scenes like Julie Evans did for her show Cowdust at Julie Saul. It makes me feel like I can, in some small way, experience what it is to create something so unique.

In Cowdust Evans collaborated with friend and Indian miniature painter, Ajay Sharma, who she met while studying the tradition of miniature painting on a Fulbright in Jaipur. The eight paintings the two created are a marvel – intersecting two different style and cultural imagery in a way that is cohesive and inspiring.

The resulting eight works are neither abstract nor narrative. They each contain a floating central form – a surprising amalgam that combines the subtlety of Evans’ poured, ephemeral grounds and close attention to detail with the exquisite refinement of Sharma’s precise hand… They were able to negotiate the artistic gaps in their differing styles to stunning effect, with their separate voices distinctly evident in most places, while in others they are fluidly fused. – Julie Saul

Mix & Match: Art + Furnishings!

May 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

The Mix & Match series pairs art with furnishings. There are a million ways to mix and match art and furniture, and hopefully this will help get you thinking creatively about art in your home!

Why this combo?

This combo features art by New York abstract painter and Art Hound favorite, Julie Evans. Julie’s work is influenced by the tradition of miniature painting which you see in her work’s exquisite details and decorative elements. The overall feel of the painting I selected is organic and kind of zen. Many of the colors and shapes are rooted in nature, which is picked up the design of the rug and the moss-colored couch. I purposely selected understated furnishings with clean, modern lines so that the focus is on Julie’s work and everything else is complementary. The yellow lamp picks up the vibrant palette of the painting and brings more continuity to the space. This is pretty much my dream living room!

Rug: CB2

Couch: Design within reach

Side table: Blu Dot

Lamp: Pablo via 2modern

Pillows: West Elm

NEW SERIES! Artist Cheat Sheet: Georgia O’Keeffe

March 4th, 2010 · 10 Comments

SAY you’re not super knowledgeable about art, but you do know you love _______ (enter famous artist here). You may have observed that your love of Picasso or Klimt won’t do you much good in the pursuit of living with art; the truth is you probably aren’t going to fork over millions to park these artists’ paintings in your den. However, with a bit of guidance, you can draw on these preferences as a means to develop your taste on current (and affordable) art.

This series will help you do just that: each week I’ll match a major artist of the 19th or 20th c. (e.g. Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko, Keith Haring) with current independent artists who share the artist’s style, subject, color palette, etc. Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying print reproductions of famous artists, now you’ll have other enticing options to consider.

Please feel free to leave suggestions for future artists. Thanks!

If you like O’Keeffe’s flowers…

…then you might just like the work of Faith Evans-Sills, Rachel Ann Austin or Yellena James.

If you like O’Keeffe’s abstracts…

…then you might like the work of Julie Evans, Sophia Brueckner or Serena Mitnik-Miller.

And if you like O’Keeffe’s architectural work…

…you might like work by Laura Marie Walker, Ryan Kapp or Kari Maxwell.

Artist of the day: Julie Evans

September 30th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Julie Evans

These paintings are from Julie Evans‘ solo show, Lessons From A Guinea Hen, at Julie Saul Gallery in NYC this past spring and draw inspiration from highly-decorative Indian miniature paintings. Although I try to showcase art that is currently available, I find Evans’ paintings so exquisitely beautiful that I decided to share them regardless.

I love the seamless marriage of organic forms and colors with delicate decorative and graphic motifs.  I would give an arm and a leg to own any of these paintings!

Julie also showed at the Drawings exhibit at McKenzie Fine Art through August 7th.