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The Home of the Artist – Hanna Konola

March 10th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Haven’t you always wanted to see inside the home of that artist or designer you whose work you can’t get enough of? That’s why I’m LOVING Bloesem’s new series Art In Your Home, which profiles artists and… you guessed it… their homes.

One of the first in the series is Finnish artist Hanna Konola who I just love!… and featured here. Below are images of Hanna’s space from the Bloesem as well as prints from her shop. I think you’ll agree there are a lot of parallels between her work and design sense – the colors, patterns and simplicity. Her home rustic but highly-edited – exactly how I imagined it.



I love the colors in this rug.



.Cool prints and super comfy looking pillows.



Peachy walls.


Hanna’s prints are available here.

Hana to Hanna via Jollygoo

September 9th, 2010 · No Comments

I have a new favorite blog, jollygoo (written by a woman named Hiki) which captures the artful life in Tokyo and led me to this great little art show. “Making It Home” is a group show at Biotype by Hanna Konola and Hana Akiyama and the work is available online. I just discovered Hiki’s little paper goods shop, UguiSu and am totally smitten.

Hana and Hanna setting up the show.






All images from the Biotope website.

Mix & Match: Black & Pink Diamond Rug + Art

May 11th, 2010 · 6 Comments

The other day I spotted and am now coveting this flat-weave Diamond Jungle Dhurrie on Anthropologie. I’m a sucker for triangles and geometric shapes and love pink and black combinations.

I love how unabashedly graphic this rug is in a way that really parallels a lot of current art and illustration, especially that of recent art school grads. In my opinion the rug screams out to be paired with art that mirrors its strong visual elements such as the pieces below. The main overlapping visual themes are triangles, repetition, abstraction and the black, pink and yellow palette.

1. Untitled by Meghan Brady

2. Cat by Marcus Oakley

3. Mercy Car by Esther Ramirez

4. Untitled from Lost In The Discovery by Mike Perry

5. CLK by Christine Kesler

6. Middle Stripe by Cat Lauigan

7. Mountains by Hanna Konola