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Artist Crush: Lisa Marie Godfrey

January 25th, 2010 · No Comments

What a lovely surprise to have come across Lisa Marie Godfrey‘s beautiful and quirky work! Godfrey, a Houston native, loves to hunt for antiques and old things that offer a glimpse into the lives of their previous owners. She incorporates some of these objects, such as old books and photographs, into her paintings and site-specific installations.

There is something immediately appealing about Lisa’s work; it is evocative of a quaint, uncomplicated view of the natural world. Lisa’s paintings are filled with quintessential nature imagery, and her style is cartoony and purposefully amateurish. It’s difficult to look at Godfrey’s work and not remember how we experienced nature as children. The simple pleasure in Godfrey’s work is remembering the delight in discovering the world around us.

Godfrey recently showed her work at Domy Books and still has a number of pieces available, most for $50 – $200.