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The Cult of Cute

July 19th, 2010 · 2 Comments

I use the word “cute” to describe this wave of independent art which has a peculiar aesthetic, mixing the light nature of children’s art with adult quirkiness and more serious tones. Whereas Japanese anime and childrens’ book illustration, both influences of this genre, stick to a visual code that is obvious and transparent, this art can have a darker side. For me it can, at times, feel a bit sad, but whatever the reaction the take-away is that this art is not as one-sided as it seems.

Despite the subtle complexity, this art celebrates the silly little things in life that make us content: pets, tea, knitting, rain. It un-apologetically takes a low-brow and childish bent- unsophisticated colors like pink and yellow and plain compositions of quirky little animals. It’s art that is unpretentious in nature and pleasing and happy.

A Little Infusion of Cuteness for $15

June 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment

Check out the newest addition to my collection! It’s a print of Going to the Mountains by Daphne Cellophane aka Katie Milloy-Parry. As soon as I saw this cute little number I knew I loved it, but I debated buying it anyway because I thought it might be TOO cute. After coming back to Katie’s print again and again (if this happens to you take it as a sure sign to go for it!), I finally made the purchase… for a mere $15 on etsy.

Affordability is the best thing going for prints. Don’t have much money to spare? Buy a print! Interested in art that might be too trendy/ cute/ dark/ etc.? Buy a print! Worried your taste might change in 6 months? Well, you get the point. The investment is negligible meaning that you can and should take risks and buy what you like today.

Here is the print framed and hanging in a little corner of my bedroom. I love looking at it when I get in and out of bed. It’s so happy and sweet and makes me smile. For more photos of my art collection, click here.