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Mix & Match: Black & Pink Diamond Rug + Art

May 11th, 2010 · 6 Comments

The other day I spotted and am now coveting this flat-weave Diamond Jungle Dhurrie on Anthropologie. I’m a sucker for triangles and geometric shapes and love pink and black combinations.

I love how unabashedly graphic this rug is in a way that really parallels a lot of current art and illustration, especially that of recent art school grads. In my opinion the rug screams out to be paired with art that mirrors its strong visual elements such as the pieces below. The main overlapping visual themes are triangles, repetition, abstraction and the black, pink and yellow palette.

1. Untitled by Meghan Brady

2. Cat by Marcus Oakley

3. Mercy Car by Esther Ramirez

4. Untitled from Lost In The Discovery by Mike Perry

5. CLK by Christine Kesler

6. Middle Stripe by Cat Lauigan

7. Mountains by Hanna Konola

Artist of the day: Cat Lauigan

December 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Sometimes I get really psyched, thinking that I’ve “randomly” discovered an artist of an entirely unrelated circle. Then, with a little more digging, I realize that the artist is actually quite connected to people and places I already know.  This was the case Cat Lauigan who has shown at a number of my favorite galleries including Giant Robot, Jonathan Levine, Hatch and Canteen.

Nonetheless, I’m psyched to have come across her work. I’m especially fond of the stripe-y, geometric, slightly-psychedelic pieces I’ve included here. Her work centers around mesmerizing graphics, and her colors achieve a fun balance of vibrancy and earthiness. Lauigan currently has work available at Fontanelle from $150-350.