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Artist of the day: Brenda Rose

September 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Today I’m highlighting the work of Brenda Rose, who lives in Portland with her husband and son, and according to her Etsy profile, has only recently started selling and promoting her work.

What initially drew me to Brenda’s work were the strong graphics and restrained use of dramatic color.  However, her work has more dimension (literally and figuratively) than what first meets the eye.  Rose’s technique relies heavily on the layering of divergent materials and the effect is really fun.  I imagine these pieces are even more interesting in person!

A bit about Brenda’s process from the artist herself “…I like to sew on paper and plastic, use power tools, paint with teensy brushes, play around with Photoshop, horde scrap wood and weathered books, and draw trees and bicycles. I find it amusing and ironic to combine things like plastic with wood, and vinyl with aged book pages.”

For more on the artist, check out Brenda’s blog, lower case letter b.