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ashley g: patterns

September 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Ashley Goldberg, known for her happy figurative art is stepping into pattern-making.






The Cult of Cute

July 19th, 2010 · 2 Comments

I use the word “cute” to describe this wave of independent art which has a peculiar aesthetic, mixing the light nature of children’s art with adult quirkiness and more serious tones. Whereas Japanese anime and childrens’ book illustration, both influences of this genre, stick to a visual code that is obvious and transparent, this art can have a darker side. For me it can, at times, feel a bit sad, but whatever the reaction the take-away is that this art is not as one-sided as it seems.

Despite the subtle complexity, this art celebrates the silly little things in life that make us content: pets, tea, knitting, rain. It un-apologetically takes a low-brow and childish bent- unsophisticated colors like pink and yellow and plain compositions of quirky little animals. It’s art that is unpretentious in nature and pleasing and happy.

Ashley G and Drew @ Philly’s Art Star

June 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Portland-based “partners in crime,” Ashley G and Drew, recently opened a great show, All My Little Friends, at Art Star Gallery in Philly. You may remember my interview with Ashley on her amazing custom portraits back in October. If you’re a fan of their work, don’t miss this opportunity to scoop up some of their original designs. Much of the work is under $100 and everything is available online. What’s not to like?




Picks of the Week: Say it with words

March 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Ashley Goldberg Reinvents The Modern Portrait

October 21st, 2009 · 1 Comment

custom portrait_1

Ashley Goldberg is a very talented, multi-dimensional artist whose custom portraits are both beautiful and innovative.  Goldberg takes an art form, the portrait, that has been around for thousands of years and succeeds at making both the process, which is truly collaborative, and the end product feel totally modern. A portrait of one starts at $200. Browse Ashley’s work on Etsy.

HA: How did you get started with custom portraits?

AG: I get so many requests for commissioned work and I wanted to offer it at a reasonable price with a reasonable turnaround time, so this seemed perfect. People are one of my favorite things to draw.

HA: How do you make color choices such as blue or lime-green hair?

AG: Well, people pick colors from my palette and I incorporate those where I feel they best go (shirt vs. hair). Sometimes they leave the colors up to me completely. Normally I have the photo of the person up while I color so I can see that it still looks like them even when I pick an outrageous color.  Like the blues tend to register as dark hair, and the greens like blonder or medium hair colors.

HA: Do you incorporate the personalities of the couple into the portrait? Is the process personal?

AG: I try to, whether it’s a crooked smile i notice in their photos or a little glint in their eye.

HA: What do you think makes the portraits work so well?

AG: It’s still a challenge. Any time you work on a commissioned piece it’s nerve racking because it is so personal. But I have gotten to work with AWESOME people that make me excited to create their portraits. I think a good list of initial questions to ask them has helped immensely. Buckling down and really asking for the straight on photos that I need, instead of just struggling with whatever photos they send.

HA: What’s the funniest response you’ve gotten from one of the couples about their portrait?

AG: I don’t know about funny—normally they are really flattering and people use them for their wedding invitations or save the dates. Some couples have used them to commemorate their pets that passed away and that is so touching. One person did ask me if it took this many photos (I asked him for more) to create the Mona Lisa…