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Winner Alison Becca’s Matches Revealed!

December 7th, 2010 · 5 Comments

Remember the Art Matching Giveaway from a while back? If not, here’s the scoop: last month I gave away a free round of my Art Matching services to a lucky reader, Alison Becca, and promised to blog all about it. When we last left off we saw Alison’s answers to the Style Survey and photos of her pretty apartment. After getting a sense for what Alison was looking for I worked my magic (let’s pretend) and found these Matches for Miss Alison…


What were my considerations for Alison’s Matches?

Alison is looking for art for the bare walls in her dining and (possibly) living room. She likes art that is mid-century, playful, ironic, graphic and folk-y and she’s looking for art that is a bit more gender-neutral than the decor of her apartment. The artists Alison mentioned in her Style Survey (Charmaine Olivia, Pop pop portraits, Hadley Hutton, Cecilia Carlstedt, Jenny Mörtsell) are all on the feminine side, but they also tell me that Alison likes bold, graphic work with unexpected or slightly ironic elements. Alison is young, creative and fun and her art should reflect that. Lastly, Alison was looking to spend under $200 for two pieces, possibly for one original and one print.

What’s next?

Alison and her boyfriend loved their Matches and have been busy deciding what to purchase. In my next post I’ll fill you in on which pieces they bought so be sure to check back!

Art Matching Winner, Miss Alison Becca!

November 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Since the Art Matching Giveaway ended a week ago, I’ve been getting to know our winner, Alison Becca, and start the Art Matching process with her (which she has graciously agreed to let me share with you all!). Alison is a spunky, creative 25 year-old who recently moved from Mississippi to Arizona and also happens to have an adorable Maine Coon, Penelope. Definitely a creative person, Alison studied drawing in college, is a budding photographer and has a personal blog with a hilarious series, “Retro Advice from Modern Bride.” Decorating is clearly a passion, and Alison and her boyfriend have done a fantastic job with their apartment! However, as they are take their apartment to the next level, they are looking to add more art to their walls.

So to kick things off Alison took the Style Questionnaire and sent over photos of her place!

What room are you looking to buy art for?
Dining Room
How would you describe the style of this room?
Rustic meets metallics.
What media are you interested in?
Painting, drawing, mixed media, prints, textiles.
Which types of art would you consider?
Portraits with abstracts, narrative scenes, patterns.
What styles and themes of art would you consider?
Mid-century, playful, ironic, graphic, folk, maybe romantic.
Are there any contemporary artists or artwork you really enjoy?
Charmaine Olivia, Pop pop portraits, Hadley Hutton, Cecilia Carlstedt, Jenny Mörtsell, I just don’t know! This is why I really need your help!
What is the max you want to spend per piece?
approx. $150 on one and $20-$40

Alison explains: “If you look at the two dining room pictures you can see that there are three wide open wall spaces. Also, above the tv in the living room is a large blank space. I feel like we’re headed in the right direction but we are seriously missing something!… For some reason there are parts of our apt that I’ve managed to pull together with a little man help, but I have completely hit a wall (ha! pun) with the dining room… I really want to stop eating on the couch because our dining room is so plain and uninviting.”

Now that I have everything I need from Alison, it’s my job to process all this information and find four matches for her. Ideally Alison would like to find one original piece and one print so the plan is for me to come back with two options for each.

One last consideration is that the art strike a balance between girliness and masculinity since Alison feels that the current decor is a bit feminine and doesn’t want to go too far in that direction. In fact, she plans to eventually replace her current dining room table with a more rustic one made from reclaimed wood.

And I’m off!

Exclusive Art Hound Giveaway!

November 1st, 2010 · 81 Comments

Art Hound believes that everyone, no matter how small a budget they’re on, can live with awesome art and we’ve created a one-of-a-kind art consulting service to help people make it happen.

Art Matching is a totally new approach to art consulting – it’s easy, affordable and just plain awesome! You decide which room in your home you’d like to focus on, send over photos and take Art Hound’s Style Survey. Based on your aesthetic, budget and lifestyle I sift through a lot of good art and find five great pieces just for you.

I’m psyched to announce that we’re offering one very lucky Art Hound reader a free round of Art Matching! Please note that I plan to blog about the winner’s Art Matching process. To enter leave a comment on this post and on Wednesday, Nov. 10th I’ll pick a winner at random.