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iPhone Wallpaper by Lumadessa

October 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Lumadessa, a design shop by Josh Brill, offers free iPhone wallpaper of its charming Flora Fauna collection. Fun and Free!

Josh Brill iphone wallpaper

Who says it’s only art if it hangs on a wall?

October 19th, 2009 · No Comments

laptop skin_juliapott

There is a movement in the art world of artists spurning the idea of art-as-sacred-object and redefining art by way of unexpected application. Many of these artists are turning everyday objects, as mundane as magnets and tea towels, into art that is innovative, authentic and practical.

As the public also questions the elitist notion of art-as-institution, it will discover the rich market of low-brow art* that these talented but disenfranchised artists have taken to.

So, in the spirit of promoting art in all it’s glorious forms, I’m highlighting artists whose work can be downloaded as desktop wallpaper/skins (mostly for free). Why not make our computers are little more expressive? Plus, when art is free, it’s practically a crime to say no.

Wallpapers and skins:

Kitsune Noir


Tiel at tsktsk

* Art with strong street or folk influences. Art in alternative media (e.g. art as magnets, tea towels, handmade cards, notebooks, desktop wallpaper, ceramics, and so on…)