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A Walk On The Wild Side

August 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Thanks to MLFU for giving us a sneak peek of this work by SF artist Alexandra Steele. Steele is “obsessed with ruins and disaster aftermath, essentially decrepitude and what happens with the loss of control.” In this series, Missed Connections, Steele explores the subject of human and animal nature and the relationship between domestication and our environment.

“Wild tigers are juxtaposed with Big Edie and Little Edie (the Beales) of Grey Gardens, relating their territorial instincts and untamed nature… The work demonstrates a pull between domestication and innate wildness, and the fall from riches to ruins.  The relationships of the characters to their environs evolve into an absurd situation where the Beales become as wild as their home and the white tigers transition into feral beings.”