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Artist of the day: Faith Evans-Sills

September 24th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Faith Evans-Sills is a local (Brooklyn-based) artist who grew up in rural Pennsylvania and Argentina.  She’s been showing in galleries around the Northeast, including A.I.R. gallery and Art Gotham, and Europe since 1995 when she graduated from Skidmore.  She went on to receive her MFA from Parsons in 2002.

Evans-Sills work brings a healthy mix of beauty and drama.  Although she uses prevalent symbols, such as the lotus flower and butterflies, that can easily read as sacchrin, Evans-Sills manages to create art that feels beautiful and intriguing, not trite or overdone.  She achieves this by creating layers of color and darkness, elements of nature and abstractions, the ephemeral and the permanent.