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Eva LeWitt

Thursday, September 13, 2018 · No Comments

Eva LeWitt’s deceptively simple and refreshing work is made of some unusual materials: polyurethane foam, latex and plastic.

The artist stated: “My inspiration always comes from the materials themselves. I have often gravitated towards soft, synthetic, colorful materials; plastic bags, sponges, yarn, tape, etc. I struggled for a time using traditional sculptural materials such as plywood, steel, fiberglass. But these materials hurt me—literally and figuratively. I prefer to work in complete solitude, and I physically could not manage these materials alone. I could not dominate them or manipulate them the ways I wanted to. That is why I choose soft, tactile, materials. I want to be able to control and transform the materials.” – Artsy via Sight Unseen.

If you consider traditional materials like marble and steel or bronze as inherently masculine in both in the physical labor necessary to work with such materials as well as the message and tone they transmit, it makes perfect sense why LeWitt, a young female artist would seek out a softer, freer lexicon for her art.






via Sight Unseen, Freize and Oslo gallery VI,VII.

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