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BSDA Artist Interview: Masuko Jo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 · No Comments

Masuko Jo is a talented young illustrator based in NYC. She has a show of beautiful, delicate work on Art Hound’s sister site, Buy Some Damn Art. Here is my interview with Masuko and some of the exquisite work in her show!
hr_cat copy


As an illustrator your work is very playful but distinctly your own. What are some of your favorite inspirations?
Masuko: Most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings; people I meet, animals I see, and plants that I want. Among those, my favorite is ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME. It’s that moment I see between the people and their interactions with their pets or an animal, and all the plants that surrounds them creating this moment in time that seems so separated from the city.
You make adorable little GIFs. How do they fit in with the rest of your work?
Masuko: I always enjoyed illustrating strangely cute characters, but seeing them move is so much more fun. There’s definitely a feeling of accomplishment when you see a character you’ve been drawing so still actually take action. It’s a new form of my illustrations and the movement gives some of them more of a BAM!
hr_snake_fixed_full copy 2


What’s a day in the life of Masuko Jo?
Masuko: Not much. I spend most of my day deciding what to eat, and rest of the day eating. I enjoy taking ceramics with my friends in Brooklyn, and painting at home with my crazy cat “parkour-ing” around the apartment.
What would you say is the undercurrent which runs through all your work?
Masuko: I just always want to have a good time and I’m always hoping that everyone around me is too. That’s what I try to showcase in my work. I enjoy illustrating pieces that create a fun or tender atmosphere; a place where you want to be.
hr_sheep_fixed_full copy


You sometimes collaborate with another BSDA artist, Rachel Levit. Do you guys have any new work coming out?
Masuko: Yes. We are always working on something. ALWAYS.
What are your goals or wishes for 2014?
Masuko: I usually just go with the flow of things, and I enjoy every moment of it, so I’ll wish for good things to come by way, and I’ve set goals to keep them coming. #realtalk

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