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Monday, December 12, 2011 · 1 Comment

Friends, I am currently a guest curator on It was a lot of fun picking out my favorite pieces on the site around the theme of nature and landscapes (see a few below). I was also interviewed by Artmuse’s Colleen Cassady which gave me  a chance to reflect on where I am today – two years into striking out on my own and starting Art Hound and shortly after launching Buy Some Damn Art.

Caroline Wright

What did you want to do or be when you grew up? 

I really don’t remember wanting to be anything specific, but I did enjoy rearranging my bedroom furniture and little collections endlessly. My space was always very important and something that I made my own from an early age.

Did you study art?

I studied psychology and art history in college and had a love/hate relationship with the latter. I did not enjoy the survey courses that take you through 1,000 years of art in one semester. How do you connect with the material that way? I think psychology and art history are similar in that both investigate the state of the mind and how we perceive the world around us.

Kristy Lynn

Tell us about the path you took to get to Art Hound and Buy Some Damn Art.
I began collecting art as soon as I finished school and had a pay check. I scoured the Internet for good, affordable art in my free time. Right around the time I got married, I was in a transition point with work and decided to hold off on getting another job and started Art Hound. It seemed like a crazy idea at the time but looking back it seems so obvious. Buy Some Damn Art came about after two years of blogging and uncovering the online art world.

What makes a piece successful in your eyes?

I think it’s different every time. The best way I can describe it is to say that the artist has something meaningful to say and is successful in communicating it in the artwork.

How do you think the ease of artists getting exposure will affect the art business and artists in general?
It’s changed things a lot, although I’ve never worked at a gallery so I can’t speak from experience on that side. I think the role of the gallery will evolve and platforms online and off will play complementary parts.

Natasha Newton

What are you reading?

Kafka on the Shore. I’m obsessed with many things Japanese.

Favorite music?

Lately I’m really into Speck MountainTune-YardsCults and Cut Copy.

What is your personal credo or motto?

Have a point of view. Be genuine. Work hard. Be good to others.


Read the rest of the interview on Artmuse.

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