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decorate from the ART, Part Two!

Monday, September 20, 2010 · 1 Comment

When it comes to decorating and finding art, a lot of people have the same questions, “Where do I start? Should my art match my furniture? Or the other way around?”

To shed some light on these questions, Kelly + Olive, super cool Chicago decorating duo, and I have teamed up for a new series, decorate from the ART. The concept is simple: we take a room and show you three different ways you could decorate with art and accessories. We hope this will inspire you and give you confidence to do some decorating with art of your own!

As you may remember from last time, Lauren and Courtney picked out this swanky black and white furniture for our first room. These pieces are modern, bold and over-the-top. (Bed by Anthropologie, table by Room & Board, chair by Z Gallerie, and IKEA wardrobe.)


Last time I selected artwork that was soft and feminine to complement the dramatic and somewhat masculine furniture. But this time around I wanted artwork that worked with the furniture’s inherent drama. The pieces I chose, “Woman” by Julie Annis, “Apex” by Katy Keefe and “Passing Autumn” by Donna Powers, are bold, moody and painterly. The rich color palette of red, black and green really set the tone and play a predominant theme in this version of the bedroom.


And here is round #2 of our dramatic black and white bedroom…


To read about Courtney and Lauren’s amazing accessory picks, head on over to Kelly + Olive’s blog!

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