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XL Artist Crush: Camilla Engman

Monday, July 5, 2010 · 2 Comments

When it comes to art I don’t believe in playing favorites, but I will say that Camilla Engman‘s work is really up there for me. What makes her work so special, you might ask? Well, here are a few key reasons I rounded up.

1. Color palette: Earthy, organic and modern, Camilla’s color palette is a signature element of her work.

2. Compositions: Sometimes more traditional, sometimes more experimental (like Shooting Stars, below), Camilla’s compositions rock. They are super simple but work so well. Clearly a ton of thought goes into these seemingly “simple” pieces.

3. Use of materials: Camilla has an uncanny way of using various materials in clever and unusual ways. Take Never, below, for example. The old-fashioned blue-lined paper cloud and spiky vertical-text hair are both genius.

4. Surrealism: Engman’s work inhabits a slightly-unsettling, dream-like space. There is often a vague, Freudian narrative in these scenes which make us wonder “just what is going on here?”


In this way, Engman’s work reminds me of that of Italian surrealist Giorgio de Chirico (see The Soothsayer’s Recompense, below). Both Engman and de Chirico’s work have a sense of wide open space and an air of mystery and possibility. Both artists leave it to our own imaginations to fill in the missing pieces.

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