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Inspiration: Little Glowing Light’s Home

Saturday, April 3, 2010 · 1 Comment

Catherine from Little Glowing Lights was a recent guest on Finnish design blog, Nestled In, and I fell in love with her beautiful, serene, art-filled apartment. Catherine has quite an eye for art and design, and her apartment (see photos below) is chock-full of  smart examples of decorating with affordable art.

Lessons from Catherine’s home:

1. GROUP ART AND DECORATIVE OBJECTS on tables and shelves.

Play with shapes, colors or textures but keep it pretty simple and stick with a few key objects like Catherine does.

2. HANG ART FROM MOLDINGS using molding hooks and wire.

This means no hammering, no leaving holes in the walls and the ability to rearrange your art ad nauseum.


You’ve gotta love Catherine’s gutsy juxtaposition of Klimt’s The Kiss and the graphic yellow piece on her side table. It’s fun, creative and makes the point that she doesn’t take art too seriously.


Catherine’s artwork makes various appearances throughout her apartment. Her dark green painting is in the bedroom in one shot, and in another it’s hanging above the mantle. Rearranging your art is a great cost-free solution if you’re bored with your space.

5. GROUP SMALL OR MID-SIZED PIECES to create a bigger impact.

As Catherine’s home goes to show, you don’t necessarily need large-scale art to create a strong visual impact. You can achieve a similar effect by the strategic grouping of smaller pieces.

For more photos of Catherine’s home, check out Flickr.

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